Jul 2nd cPanel price adjustment update, no price increase for now.

Hi, just an update on the recent cPanel price increase, and it's potential effects on your hosting monthly cost: We have decided to absorb the increase for the next 3 to 6 months which will give us and our dear clients enough time to prepare, During this time we'll make contact with the effected clients, however the majority of our client need ... Read More »

Jun 28th cPanel price adjustment, possible hosting price increase.

Hi, Today the hosting industry go a bit of bad news... cPanel, the company that makes the control panel we use, along with 70% of the hosting industry: Has been bought out by a VC and the new owners have decided to increase prices immediately and drastically. Now this increase is not just a few %, it's somewhere between 30% to over 1000% ... Read More »

Oct 24th Ougoing mail volume adjustments.

Our guideline for outgoing mails has been updated along with service resources and terms and conditions of service: We've reviewed our outgoing mail volume policy and have noticed that it's being used by some clients to send out very large amounts of mail which trigger blacklisting and bounces for other clients. Our Terms and Conditions have ... Read More »

Sep 29th SSH and Shell access restrictions.

We've restricted access to SSH ports on our servers from external IPs This does mean that those clients that use shell to perform commands will now need to use the terminal function - within the cPanel of the account. Simply login to your cPanel and navigate to the shell/terminal icon. SSH programs like putty or sftp etc will no longer work.   Read More »

Sep 26th DNS TTL update 3600

All domains hosted on our name servers will have their TTL changed to 3600 seconds. (1 hour)

This will result in quicker DNS propagation times for updates to your DNS zones when using our name servers,

Nothing needs to be done from our clients side as the sysadmins will be managing this change over seamlessly in the background.

May 7th Node.js Hosting, now available!


Node.js hosting is now available, we will be enabling this feature on our servers through this week.

You can now host your javascript using Node.js 6, 8 or 9.


Mar 9th Dedicated Hosting (new)

Dedicated Hosting, We'd like to introduce you to our dedicated hosting for R1100 per month.   500 GB SSD Storage Space (RAID 10) 16 GB ECC Memory 4 TB Bandwidth 4 CPU Cores No Limit on Hosted Domain Names 500000 inodes per hosted cPanel account Backups included. Dedicated ... Read More »

Mar 9th Hosting account firewall upgrade

We've implemented imunify360 onto all our hosting accounts. This is a firewall that performs better than the previously installed version. The nice thing about this software is it does not block straight away, it greylists. When a greylisting happens it will give you the opportunity (when browsing to your site) to perform an captcha to prove ... Read More »

Mar 9th Pricing adjustments 1 April 2018

Hi, We're going to be adjusting our pricing on the 1st of April 2018. This is both to cover inflationary increases in cost of sale and the increase in VAT on the 1st of April. We will be emailing clients individual in the following week, with their new pricing and in some cases, increased resources on their hosting account where possible. Kind ... Read More »

Mar 6th Support times adjusted.


Our support hours will be adjusted from today as follows:

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.
10am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday, ( remains the same )

Kind Regards,