Today the hosting industry go a bit of bad news... cPanel, the company that makes the control panel we use, along with 70% of the hosting industry: Has been bought out by a VC and the new owners have decided to increase prices immediately and drastically.

Now this increase is not just a few %, it's somewhere between 30% to over 1000% increase in cost to some hosting providers, in some cases, costing more than the server itself per month! This is going to effect us as a host, and in turn, you as our client price-wise. The biggest effect will be for our reseller hosting clients where we offer unlimited domain names/ accounts per package. That will need to be adjusted, which we will work through and announce next week to the effected clients.

To give you an idea of the pricing and how it's changing: cPanel's old monthly used to be around $45 per month per dedicated server; no matter how many accounts you have on the server. They are now charging $45 per server for the first 100 accounts, and then $0.20 per additional cPanel account.

Effectively increasing the cost per server from $45 to over $300 per server for us.

We aim to be the best reasonably-priced host, and we'll sure be working to continue offering great service and good prices. Once we have an overview of the effected clients and our cost increase, we'll be emailing clients individually to inform them of the way forward next week.

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Friday, June 28, 2019

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