As you may know, recently we switched off our in bound calls to our number 0213000213 as a test to see if we could improve the efficiency of our support team. What we found is an improvement in ticket response and resolution time and the number of queries a single tech could do in a day. We also found that it was easier to guide our support techs while watching them chat to our clients on live chat.

So in the interest of providing better service to our clients, we're doing away with inbound telephonic support. This may be a shock to some, but we hope you will embrace the other contact channels we provide being,

  • Email support to support@amplehosting.co.za
  • Alternative email support to support@greycell.co.za
  • Ticket system on https://my.amplehosting.co.za/
  • Live chat on our website amplehosting.co.za during admin hours.
  • Our network status page https://my.amplehosting.co.za/serverstatus.php
On top of that our sysadmins monitor and respond to any server issues 24/7.

We've also upgraded our billing system to allow for invoice payments online, service ordering , upgrades, downgrades and unsuspension. As well as IP unblocks, cPanel password changes and so on all from https://my.amplehosting.co.za/

As a review of the calls we receive, we found that over half require us to mutter the phrase "This will require a ticket, please send in an email to support@amplehosting.co.za" which is frustrating to those calling in as they want help then and there. Which is not possible over the phone as they need to pass on the issue to those who are not on the phone support team and are a level above them on ticket support. Or it may be the length of time it would take to sort out the issue compares to an email. The difficulty of account holder validation over the phone is also a problem as well as clients spelling out their cPanel/email passwords or reading bounce back messages etc.

In short: it's a highly inefficient way to support our customers.

The one thing it does is offers a human to talk to; comforting in times of support, until they tell you send in a mail, of course :)
Or if a new client wants to make sure we're real and talk to a human - we get that.

We strongly believe it'll be the best for most of our clients. There will be a few that miss the telephone and we hope they embrace our new contact options and see the value in quicker, live answers.

All the Best!


Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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