Jan 2nd NS1 maintenance - Completed


Maintenance on NS1 has now completed:



We're going to be doing some work on our ns1 name server.

During this time there may be intermittent resolution of DNS requests to that name server.

Maintenance period : 30 min.


Aug 2nd Domain pricing reduction on selected domains


Domain pricing has been lowerest today for selected domains:


Registration and renewal



Registration and renewal






Registration and renewal


Sep 27th Simplifying product offering

Hello,Just a brief notification that we're simplifying our product offering for new orders. We're doing away with a few hosting plans, in particular HDD storage based accounts.In it's place; all new packages will be using SSD storage, it's faster and gives a much nicer hosting experience!All existing clients and their packages won't be effected by ... Read More »

Jun 20th Mail changes on servers

We have implemented a change on some of our servers mail services, which will force mail to go through the MTA/exim service. This won't effect the majority of our clients, though those that use socket connections within their scripts - may be effected.If this is the case, we advise you to use SMTP authentication or the PHP mail( function to send ... Read More »

Apr 29th .durban .capetown .joburg Registration and transfer available.

.durban .capetown .joburg

Registration and Transfers are now available through our domain registration page and client billing panel.

Apr 18th Upgrade to B2,B3,B4 hosting disk space!

Business hosting accounts B2, B3 and B4 have all been given an increase in disk space allocation.B2 from 2GB to 4GBB3 from 5Gb to 8GBB4 from 10GB to 15GBFor more information please see our product page here: http://www.amplehosting.co.za/web-hosting/business-level/During the following week we will be upgrading the resources of existing clients ... Read More »

Apr 14th Delayed invoicing April 2016

We've identified that some invoices are delayed in sending to our clients for the month of April.

We are currently resending those invoices now.

Any queries ? - please contact accounts@amplehosting.co.za

Apr 1st Live chat stats

Hello,Since we moved our primary support contact from the phone to live chat, we've seen a positive uptake to the new contact option and encouraging results for most of our clients!The number of chats per day increasing by 36% on average over the last 4 days.Live Chat Stats: Average time to wait for an operator to answer : 36 Seconds Average ... Read More »

Mar 30th Telephonic Support Alternatives

Hi,As you may know, recently we switched off our in bound calls to our number 0213000213 as a test to see if we could improve the efficiency of our support team. What we found is an improvement in ticket response and resolution time and the number of queries a single tech could do in a day. We also found that it was easier to guide our support ... Read More »

Mar 23rd Phone Support off for the 23rd and 24th March 2016

Hi,We will be doing away with phone support of 2 days, 23rd and 24th of March 2016. In it's place - we have live chat , which can be found on our website - bottom right corner. (During admin hours)www.amplehosting.co.zaand email support to accounts@amplehosting.co.za and support@amplehosting.co.za 7 days a week 8am to 8pmWhy are we doing this? ... Read More »